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Yaohong, Vice President, Soprano
She is a soprano in China Naitonal Opera House, deputy director of China National Opera House, National First-grade Performer, receiver of special allowance for the government of the State Council, member in China Youth Federation, standing member in All-China Youth Federation under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, standing member in Chinese Musicians Association, and staff in ‘Four First-Batch’ under the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. 
She graduated from Department of Vocal Music in Central Conservatory of Music and was student of Professor Guo Shuzhen, a noted soprano. In 1999-2000, she pursued overseas study in Italy.
She won the second prize for the first national Sing King and Queen, first place for French Marseilles International Opera Competition, first place in the First National Competition for Vocal Music under Ministry of Culture, the 6th Wenhua Performance Reward under Ministry of Culture, winner of 14th Plum Blossom Prize for Theater and winner of ‘Best 10 Outstanding Youngsters’ for Central State Organs. 
In 1993, she starred Gilda in Jester, an opera she co-produced with Asimov, a director in Bolshoi Theater of the Former Soviet Union. She seized great success with her excellent performance and beautiful voice. In 1995, she starred Liuin in Turandot, a Puccipi opera, and got good praise b the press and specialists. In the same year, she was invited to perform Cang Yuan, a Chinese opera. She showed a glorious performance. She used to star Miaosaita in Bohemian, Mikaela in Carmen, a Bizet’s opera, Violetta in The Lady of the Camellias, a new version of Verdi’s opera, Cio-Cio-San in Madama Butterfly, the opera, and Du Shiniang, a Chinese opera. On June 23, 2001, she launched a performance in the Meridian Gate of Beijing Forbidden City with three tenors. In 2005, she starred Liu in Turandot, a Punccipi opera executed by Zhang Yimou, a famous Chinese director, in Paris of France, Munich of Germany. She was widely praised by the press all over the world. In 2008, she starred Liu of Turandot in the Bird’s Nest. In 2009, she starred Liu in Turandot in South Taiwan. In 2008, she starred Liuer of Turandot in Grand National Theatre and in the same year, she performed in Madama Butterfly, another of Puccini’s opera. In 2009, she performed Miaow in Bohemian (Life of an Artist). In 2011, she performed in Bat and Jester. She performed Song Qingling in Zhongshan, a performance she worked with Hong Kong Opera House. In 2012, she headed over to Hong Kong and Macau for launching a concert. She performed the Lady of the Camellias in Tsinghua University. She performed Rosalind in Bat in the Grand National Theatre. In November, she joined two other sopranos in forming ‘Three Major Sapranos’ and gave a national tour show in Paoli Theater. On August 22 and 23, 2013, she participated in ‘VIVA Verdi’ 200th Anniversary Concert performed by Chinese and Foreign Singers. At the end of 2014, she performed Marchilena in Idelio by Beethoven in the State Theater of China. In 2015 and 2016, she performed Turandot, Carmen and the Lady of the Camellias. She served such titles as specialist reviewer under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, judge for national competition in the National Radio and Television Administration and Presidential Judge of National Competitions throughout China. 
Western operas she used to star: Puccini: Liu in Turandot, Ciociosan in Madama Butterfly, Miaow and Musaita in Bohemian (life of artist); Verdi: Gilder of Jester, Violetta in the Lady of the Camellias; Offenbach: Olympia of Story of Hoffman; Bizet: Mikaela in Carmen; Beethoven: Marchilena in Idelio; Straus: Roselinda in Bat; Time Too Late for Nora (Norway Opera House) and so forth. 
Chinese operas she performed: Cang Yuan (Liaoning Opera House), Princess Han Bao Li (Singapore), Du Shi Niang (China National Opera House), Farewell (Beijing International Music Festival), Zhongshan (Hong Kong Opera House), Orphan of Zhao Family (Grand National Theater) and so forth. Xi Shi (Grand National Theater). 
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