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Han Junyu, tenor


Han Junyu, the tenor of the China National Opera House

He learned music under the professor Zhou Meiyu, the China's famous vocal music educator and soprano, and the tenor of Ma Hua successively. In 2006, he was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music with excellent results, and majored in Voice & Opera Department, and become a graduate student without examination for further study. In the university, he studied music under the professor Zhao Dengying, the China's famous vocal music educator and baritone singer.
He participated in the international and domestic master class of vocal music many times, such as F.Araiza, Zhu Taili, etc, and won the masters’ affections and high praises. He, with his beautiful tone, broad sound, powerful penetrating power and rich performance, regarded with great favor by the general public.
In September of 2008, he participated in the "The Special Concert for the Art Songs of German, Italy and France" in the National Center for the Performing Arts and achieved great success.
In the July of 2009, he awarded the first prize (China Division) in the fortieth "Bellini" International Vocal Competition and won the second place in the "Hongkong Artists International Music Competition".
In the November of 2010, he attended the baroque classical opera Dido and Aeneas" of Henry Purcell organized by the Vocal and Opera Department of Hong Kong Baptist University and the Central Conservatory of Music, successfully played the leading role of Aeneas. In the March of 2011, this opera presented in Hong Kong City Hall successfully and received rave reviews from the industry and the general public. 
In 2012, he participated in the performance of the opera named "Regret for The Past" in Central Conservatory of Music, played the leading role of Juan Sheng. In the same year, he participated in the Handel’s works named "Semele" organized by Central Conservatory of Music, acted as the leading man- Jupiter, and achieved great success. 
He was invited to perform 
In 2014, he worked in the China National Opera House, and has starred in many operas successfully, such as "Fidelio", "La Traviata", "Qu Yuan", "Taihang, my mother’s name", "Red women's detachment", "Dido and Aeneas", "Semele", "Regret for the Past", etc, and received rave reviews from the industry and the general public. 
Han Junyu as a powerful young tenor singer, with his enthusiasm, high-quality performance, active in today's Chinese opera and concert stage
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