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Wang Yiqing, Baritone

Wang Yiqing, Baritone

Wang Yiqing, Baritone

Wang Yiqing graduated from Department of Vocal Opera Performance in Chiense Conservatory of Music. He is a a baritone performer in China National Opera House. He is student of Song Yi and Fu Haijing.

In 2007, he headed over to Pesaro to study Italian and launched show in local theaters for several times. He was received with good praise. He used to star Figaro in Marriage of Figaro, Don Givovanni in Don Juan, Enrico in Mallarme Rukia, Marcello in Life of Artists, Earl in Troubadour and Jester in Jester.

After he was admitted to China National Opera House, he starred Dunkell in Carmen, Gorge in the Lady of the Camellias, Scarpiya in Tosca and Sylvio in Clown.

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